Dear guest,

the Baltic Sea resort of Binz is subject to a daily spa tax all year round. The day of arrival and departure are each counted as one day of stay.

  • Person from 3 years: €3.40 per day of stay
  • Child up to 3 years: no visitor's tax
  • Dog: €2.00 per day

You can find the current information on the website of the municipality of Binz:


The following groups of people are exempt from the survey:

  1. residents of the municipality of Ostseebad Binz;
  2. Persons with a degree of disability of 100 on presentation of ID;
  3. Children up to the age of 3 (3rd birthday – 1 day);
  4. Keepers and owners of assistance dogs, i.e. guide dogs for the blind, medical signal dogs, companion dogs for the disabled, for paying the fee for the aforementioned dogs if the ID of a severely disabled person who is accompanying a dog shows the authorization to take an assistance dog with them;
  5. Persons who are in an apprenticeship, employment or service relationship in the municipality of Ostseebad Binz or who pursue a trade approved by the trade office. The same applies to people who are temporarily staying in the municipality of Ostseebad Binz in pursuit of their job (e.g. business trips), insofar as the stay is entirely or at least predominantly for professional reasons.

The evidence must be provided to the spa administration. A spa/guest card is not issued here.